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It was little Lucy Willow’s eighth birthday on 21st Feb, not just ‘Lucy Willow’ the business but Lucy Willow the REAL person… My wonderful daughter!


To commemorate this exciting occasion, we thought it would be a good time to “give birth” to the long awaited, extremely overdue, Little Lucy Willow Blog.


So where do we start? Well, as Frauline Maria sang in my favourite film, The Sound of Music, “lets start at the very beginning”. So I’d like you to meet the real Lucy Willow because really, this is how it all came about.



With nothing but creative ideas, a love of all things girly and a huge determination to STAY at home and be a mum, we set about creating a business that appealed to people like me who appreciate beautiful things. Since then it has been something of a journey let me tell you, and over the coming weeks maybe I will share some of the experiences that have brought us to where we are today.


However, as I said, I want you to meet Lucy because she is the inspiration behind it all and she really is worth getting to know.


For a little girl she has a tremendous understanding of life, sometimes i find myself taking advice from her that REALLY does make sense. She is kind, thoughtful, bright, funny, unbelievably disorganised, occasionally moody but most of all a loving, eager to please daughter.


I don’t know if it is something to do with her turning eight (I hope it is), but she recently asked “mum, you know i love you very much but would you mind not kissing me on the playground any more?”, “Of course I don’t mind…” I replied – feeling a just a little bit bruised!


I suppose I’m THAT mum on the yard that shouts “I love you” until they have marched in line into the school, I’m also the one that greets her with a huge hug, picking her up and swinging her round and round! So now I have to tame it.. because my little girl is growing up… I hope you’ll all enjoy the journey with me.



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