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Little Lucy Willow

When the teddies fall out of favour, it might be time to rethink your child’s bedroom.

It’s the little things that let us know when our children are growing up. The way they will happily give a once-worshipped toy to the tombola stall at the school fair. They way they might close their bedroom door and demand to be left alone - or else. And the way they suddenly produce a protective arm whenever little ones are around. A welcome but eerie change from all that relentless tormenting!   They may also decide to get rid of all those cuddly toys and hint at an upgrade to their bedroom accessories. Now that particular day is a very sad one indeed, but you must sigh and accept ..

Treat your little reader to a beautiful bookcase.

Great storage is essential when children are in the mix. All those bits and bobs that you never know what to do with, the cuddly toys the train tracks, the Barbie dolls and all their tiny clothes...You’ve got as much chance of finding one of her little lost shoes as you have unveiling the all-important golden ticket in a Wonka Bar.   But the one thing that you can organise with confidence are the many many books that make their way into your home as your children grow and change.   There are hundreds of budget bookcases available on the market today. They are certainly low in pric..

Take a bowl of water, a tea set and a bean bag...

The summer holidays are finally within reach and mums up and down the land are wondering how on earth they are going to keep the children entertained for the weeks ahead.   From picnics in the park to funfairs and bike rides you’ve probably got it all covered. However, for all those mums who happen to have younger children it’s often much easier to stay at home and get out in the garden if the weather is nice. Why go to all the trouble of packing bag after bag of paraphernalia when you would do exactly the same in your own back garden as you would in the park?   At that stage of ..

Let your child’s imagination run wild in the perfect playhouse!

This July weather is a bit of a non-starter. “It just doesn’t know what it wants to do!” sounds the familiar lament at the school gates and supermarket checkout. Personally, I have just resolved to having all manner of coats - and suncream - at the ready should it decide to ‘turn’ without warning, like some crazy dictator.   It is supposed to be summer and on some days it certainly feels like it is. On most days it doesn't but never mind about that. I want to talk gorgeous, warm and delightfully dry weather, when the children can get outside and enjoy some real playtime.   I don’t ..

It’s that time of year again...dare I even mention it?

I know, the holidays have barely begun so steel yourselves for what I am about to say (as I adopt the brace position)’s almost time to start thinking about going back to school!   You might think I’m mad to be talking of such things at this juncture, but as you probably have lists upon lists of things to purchase before then, why not start ticking them off now and enjoy the rest of the break with peace of mind?   To soften the blow of mentioning the unmentionable, we are offering £50 John Lewis vouchers with every order over £1000 using the code JL50. The offer starts this wee..

Pastures new for Little Lucy Willow

Pastures new for Little Lucy Willow   Well here it is at last, our brand new website! We really hope you love it as much as we do, not least the gorgeous photography and fabulous layout which are sure to catch your eye.   But there’s something else that might pique your interest - the link to our sister company, Lucy Willow. You see, it isn’t just children who need luxury furniture, grown ups have been known to have a preference for it too.     So as the business strides out to pastures new, it’s the start of a new chapter here at Little Lucy Willow - and not just in the office.   You see - and I ca..

Choose a token for the teacher with Little Lucy Willow.

Choose a token for the teacher with Little Lucy Willow. The month of July has now begun and the summer holidays are almost within reach! With this in mind, also looming is the age old dilemma of what to buy for the teacher…   Before I became a school mum, in those heady days when I was young, free, childless and single, I recall having the same discussion with my sister when her daughter was in reception.   It was Christmas time and she was ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ over a candle or a bottle of fizz. (I know, the good old days of simple pressies eh?) I think she opted for the candle in the end, but no thanks to me. I was too busy rantin..

Beautiful children’s storage makes for beautiful tidy bedrooms.

Beautiful children’s storage makes for beautiful tidy bedrooms. When the sun comes out you want to be outside with it. The trouble is, more often than not, there are other things to washing up? the dreaded ironing perhaps?   If you’re anything like me, when there are jobs to be done you can’t just sit around and be all ‘chillaxed’ (as they say...). You want to enjoy the nice weather, but you just have to do those jobs. Otherwise you’ll be lying on your lounger, tapping your fingers, ‘casually’ humming and mentally planning how you are going to attack said jobs once the sun has gone in (deep breath) therefore willing the sun to go in so yo..

Get Yourself ‘Summer Ready’ with Little Lucy Willow

Get Yourself ‘Summer Ready’ with Little Lucy Willow The sun is finally shining (albeit intermittently!), the flowers are blooming and the end of term is well within sight.   So now is the time to make sure your bedrooms are ready for the sunshine too.   Try bunting for the fun factor, mirrors to reflect the glorious light and and bright, white bedding to set the summer scene. Here at Little Lucy Willow we have all of the above to make your child’s bedroom the perfect sunny sanctuary.   Our gorgeous organic duvet sets, for girls and boys alike, are a great compliment to the season, featuring everything from stars to owl..

A good mattress means a good night’s sleep.

A good mattress means a good night’s sleep. I for one did NOT want to get up this morning. And it was nothing to do with that soiree I attended last night. Honestly. What is it about ice cold white wine on a warm spring evening…?   But you know, not wanting to get out of bed is a year-round thing I suppose, the kind that comes with the territory when you’ve got a wonderfully comfortable mattress too. As one of life’s luxuries, it’s a haven of calm and relaxation, but it’s also a necessity for the growing spines of our children.   If children don’t have adequate back support during their early years, it can result in aches an..
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