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Children’s bedroom sleepover solutions
It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s that time of year when your sleepover tally heads into overdrive. With this in mind, creating a child’s bedroom that is cosy, welcoming and can accommodate a mini guest or two at the drop of a hat will help you sail through the winter with ease. As a child, there is nothing quite like being invited to stay over at a friend’s home. Eager to discover new experiences and escape the beady eyes of parents for a night, exciting is an understatement! If you happen to be the hostess, it’s important to make your little guests feel safe and comfortable in a bedroom th..
Why your child needs a good night’s sleep
Sleep is as essential as eating and drinking. It keeps you calm, your mind alert and recharges your body to enable you to get up and face each day. As adults we know how too little sleep can affect our productivity at work as well as our mood at home. Our children are no different, yet we may think nothing of it when bedtime is occasionally pushed back or naps are missed. In reality, such instances could impact all areas of your child’s life.         What are the benefits of a good night’s sleep? Feeling alert! How groggy or on the ball your child appears on any given day..
Zoning your child’s bedroom
Children are busy little creatures who often respond well to a little structure when it comes to activities. So why not give your child a helping hand by creating functional spaces in their very own bedroom? Zoning is a way of ensuring that no space is wasted and also helps hone your child’s organisational skills. But the best bit? You don’t need oodles of space to do it!          Zone out A child’s life is usually compartmentalised into three main areas - sleep, work and play. With this in mind, their bedroom should naturally follow suit. Whatever size room your ch..
Invest in luxurious nursery furniture for your newborn…
There are few things more pleasurable than watching your baby drift off into a deep, restful slumber. And when they are nestled amongst kitten soft bedding in a beautiful handmade cot, all the better!     The cot bed If you are seeking elegance, style and a little panache for your baby’s nursery, take a peek at the Little Lucy Willow nursery collection. The stunning 'Tilly' and 'Martha' cot beds are hand carved from mahogany and painted in a subtle antique white or neutral stone. Each piece is upholstered in plain or buttoned luxurious beige linen fabric. It won’t be too ..
A desk for life…
A new school year means bigger shoes, a brand new uniform and probably more homework too.  With that in mind maybe it’s time to start looking for a suitable desk that will give your child their very own space to work and feel inspired. A study haven away from the prying eyes of parents and pesky siblings too. From our cute Looby Lou single desk to our Archie double pedestal desk, Little Lucy Willow has designs to suit every child and their bedroom.  Handmade in our UK factory by master craftsmen, each desk is solid and dependable. Built to last your child until their college years and..
Preparing your child for school
Whether your child is going to school for the first time or returning after the summer break, you will need to be super prepared. The autumn term can be long and tiring for little ones so making sure you and your child are ready - both mentally and physically - is crucial. From PE kits to pencil cases there’s plenty to keep you on your toes as you count down to the big day!     The checklist… Creating a checklist of tasks you must complete is always going to be useful. You may feel there isn’t that much to remember when it comes to school but you’re guaranteed to be caught out ..
Things to do this summer…
School holidays are upon us which means it’s time to start planning some quality entertainment for the long – and with any luck, hot -  weeks ahead. This isn’t an easy thing to do for working mums of course, but if you have managed to get a few days off we can help you make the most of them.     The great outdoors Getting children to play outside is a lot harder than it used to be thanks to games consoles, ipads and endless movie streaming services! If it’s pouring down and you don’t fancy pressing ahead with that day at the seaside then fair enough. But if the weather is good ..
Simple ways to refresh your child's bedroom this summer
There’s no need to spend thousands on new furniture or luxurious wallpaper to make your child’s bedroom spring to life. A few simple tweaks will do all that for you. It won’t hurt to start with a blank canvas so before you embark on a major shopping spree, get rid of any unwanted clothes, toys, bedding and general paraphernalia. Once you’ve bagged it all up and shipped it out, you’ll be ready to bring in the new! Sumptuous fabrics and striking patterns could be all it takes to transform a neutrally painted bedroom into a cosy and welcoming space. Or a string of twinkling fairy lights ove..
Children’s chairs for study and play…
Children’s bedroom furniture may often seem like an afterthought when redecorating the home. A simple enough task and one that won’t need much discussion. However, it’s worth considering that your child’s room is probably the most used room in the home. It’s a place where toys are stored and friends hang out, not to mention the small matter of sleep.  Making sure your child’s bedroom is well equipped with the right furniture to ensure comfort in work and play is in everybody’s interests! A sturdy bed and spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers cover sleep and storage. If you have enough sp..
Creating a timeless unisex bedroom
A child’s bedroom will never stay the same for too long. There’s always a new colour or pattern on the horizon to keep you on your decorator’s toes, not least if your child is hell bent on sticking to the next big thing… One way to avoid such frequent spending is to create something a little off the wall perhaps, that neither adheres to a girl’s or boy’s world but sits right in the middle of all trends. Not only will a unisex bedroom avoid the need for extreme and therefore dispensable themes and colours, it will mean choosing furniture and décor that transcends fashions and fads. If ..
The best children’s bedtime books
Bedtime can be fraught, not least if your child protests at the mere mention of pyjamas! However, throw a story into the mix and there’s a good chance your little one will be wide eyed and ready before you can say Dumbledore. Nightly bedtime reading, if only for a few minutes, is well worth the effort. Not only does it mean precious time together, it will also calm and settle your child preparing them for a good night’s sleep. So grab a book, get comfy and begin…       Short on time? If you don’t have much time to spare, it’s pointless embarking on the chapter of a book. ..
Step into spring with stunning children’s furniture
We know that children’s furniture should last for more than just one season. In fact, it should last for many years if you choose your collection wisely. The trick is to find something that will stay looking fresh and ‘spring like’ whatever the weather outside! So if you are thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a makeover this season, here are some ideas to help you create something that will last long into summer, autumn, winter and many more springs to come…     Colour Colour is key to creating an inviting child’s bedroom where your little one feels happy to play, work ..
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How to keep your child’s bedroom tidy after Christmas
First of all, brace yourself. Attempting to keep your child’s bedroom tidy is a bit like sticking to all those unrealistic new year’s resolutions you’ve made. It is no easy feat and should be approached with reasonable expectations, should you not wish to feel like a failure! As the most cluttered, chaotic and well used space in the home, it isn’t going to look like a showroom any time soon, no matter how many times you whizz round with the hoover. With this in mind, set the bar low. Mess isn’t all bad however. Those new Christmas goodies might amount to little more than a tip in your ey..
New year, new room. Tips for giving your child’s bedroom a new year makeover.
No one likes packing up Christmas for another year. Taking down decorations, hoovering up thousands of pine needles and attempting to cram reams of fairy lights back into their original boxes “Surely they didn’t come in those?”... After you’ve put away the hoover and settled down with a well-deserved cuppa, the house looks so bare you fear someone has stolen your furniture. However, rather than lament the end of the holiday season, think of it as the perfect opportunity to freshen up your home instead – not least your child’s bedroom.         Out with the old! Before y..
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