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Why choose Little Lucy Willow

We have consciously chosen not to compete with the high volume retailers who stock hundreds of lines of cheap imported furniture, but instead promote beautiful in house designed quality the majority of which is UK made furniture. We are proud of UK made products and urge you to back the buy British ethos. We manufacture and retail the largest selection of children’s furniture made entirely (from scratch) in the UK and are continually developing and evolving new products and ranges.


As a manufacturer, we can offer bespoke solutions. If you want something colour matched, adjusted in size or something made completely from scratch do contact us on 0845 8030988 or email us at [email protected] to request a quote. We are a talented bunch and enjoy the challenge.
Other good reasons....

Made in England

The majority of our furniture is made here in the UK. We are proud to be one of the very few UK based furniture manufacturers and proactively look to support other UK suppliers by way of the materials we purchase. Even our mattresses are hand made locally. All our furniture has been designed and made using a knowledge and blend of modern methods, traditional craftsmanship skills and finishing.

Quality of British Manufacture  

We are confident our ranges are superior to imported items often manufactured by the lowest bidder using materials that have also been purchased with only price in mind. Our products are made from furniture grade AB timbers and FX high density boards. We source our wood from one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood panel products with over 70% of their wood produced at their UK plant being FSC certified and having full chain of custody. FSC logo

All our timbers are hand selected twice, once by the pickers and again by the machine operator to ensure the best possible finish. Our machining and cutting processes are all carried out by state of the art CNC machinery to ensure perfect cuts and dimensions and then hand assembled by skilled craftsman to ensure the fit and finish of your furniture is of the highest quality. The final stage of our production is finishing your furniture the colour and finish you have specified. Our paint finishes are a 3 stage process with 2 base coats and then a top coat, our paint finish is a semi matt smooth finish with a 20% sheen. We guarantee a hard and durable painted finish on all our products.

5 Year Guarantee

Our factory have been so select in choosing its suppliers of materials they use and the designs and processes used in manufacturing that we are able to offer an unrivalled guarantee  - 5 years on all Painted Furniture. Our guarantee covers all woods against splitting and warping and all joints against breakage under normal and correct usage.

In House Design

All our items come as part of fully matching ranges and would still be available in years to come if you choose to add to your collection. Our design team are constantly evolving and refining new product ranges so that the styles remain fresh and respondent to the needs of modern day living.

Delivered Direct from the Factory

Your items are delivered direct from the factory, thus avoiding the excessive handling you incur when buying imported items that have been shipped from afar and often suffer from damage due to the number of times they get moved and stored before delivery. Not only that, our delivery team have received widespread appreciation for their promptness, efficiency and politeness.

Re-size or Re-colour

As we make your item(s) especially for you we have the ability to paint your items numerous colours and we also have the ability to re-size furniture items to suit your specific requirement (an additional cost may be incurred typically 20%). So whether it’s a special size bed or a unique piece to fit an awkward space please do give us a call on 0845 8030988 or email us at [email protected].

It’s in the Detail

Painted woods offer a fresh look for your furniture. Paint can develop hairline cracks in the finish, most notable around the joints - especially miter joints this is a result of the expansion and contraction of the natural materials, however to combat this our factory cut all its doors and drawers from one single board, this cuts down on the number of joints required in our furniture pieces and gives our customer the clean crisp painted look they are paying for and expect to last. All the wardrobe doors have concealed, adjustable hinges to prevent the problems of misalignment that so often occurs particularly with uneven floors.

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