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Five reasons why your child should make their own bed every morning

What could be more enticing than a beautifully made bed with squishy plumped up pillows at the end of a tiring day? Nothing springs to mind.

The thought of your child climbing into a crumpled, unmade crib doesn’t really appeal and can mean a restless start to their slumber which won’t benefit anyone, least of all you!

Granted, the world wouldn’t stop turning if we didn’t make our childrens’ beds each morning, but it would certainly seem a lot less organised. 

Experts tell us that a made bed means less mess in a child’s mind as well as in their bedroom. In view of this, perhaps it’s time our little ones started to shake out those duvets for themselves.

Here are five good reasons why your child should get into the habit of making their own bed every day.





Children thrive on routine despite not even realising it. They may moan about going to bed, brushing their teeth and getting up for school in the morning but you can bet they’d feel lost and upset if they were left to their own devices. Hungry, tired, disorganised, the list goes on.

Routine is their invisible safety blanket, giving them certainty and security. 

Making the bed is just another part of that essential routine which will get them up, active and ready to face the day ahead. 




Making the bed each day could spark the development of a thriving, resourceful, assertive young person.

It might sound far fetched but when your child starts to make their own bed on a regular basis, they will begin to feel a sense of independence. This might only seem like a small step but it’s certainly a significant one, not least because independence always arrives with its best friend – confidence.

Not bad for a seemingly insignificant task!  





Pride in their bedroom

As your child learns that a made bed can transform their personal space into something rather more appealing, they may decide to take it one step further and tidy up too!

Saying goodbye to messy disorganised children’s bedrooms means less work for you whenever friends come over to play or sleep.




Independence, confidence, self-worth…It might be hard to see how all this can be achieved by simply making the bed, but you’d be surprised.

There’s nothing like a bit of teamwork to make us feel part of the pack and allocating simple household tasks to children can be just as effective.

Making the bed means ‘mucking in’ and helping to lighten the load. Something us mums and dads are always grateful for whenever it comes our way.

Once they’ve mastered a neatly made bed, perhaps they could start getting to grips with changing those sheets too…





Tidy room tidy mind

The health benefits of a tidy home are plentiful, not least in your child’s bedroom.

  • Super organised – save time, energy and frustration by sticking to the mantra ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’.
  • Easy cleaning – when belongings are stored neatly away it makes dusting, mopping and hoovering almost a pleasure. Almost…
  • Calm and relaxed – Tidiness is the gateway to creating a peaceful environment, which psychologists say helps also unclutter the mind. The perfect mindset to head to bed for a relaxed night’s sleep.





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