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Pastures new for Little Lucy Willow

Pastures new for Little Lucy Willow


Well here it is at last, our brand new website! We really hope you love it as much as we do, not least the gorgeous photography and fabulous layout which are sure to catch your eye.


But there’s something else that might pique your interest - the link to our sister company, Lucy Willow. You see, it isn’t just children who need luxury furniture, grown ups have been known to have a preference for it too.



So as the business strides out to pastures new, it’s the start of a new chapter here at Little Lucy Willow - and not just in the office.


You see - and I can hardly believe I am saying this - Lucy leaves primary school next week! Those words don’t come very easily to me as I really can’t work out where the time has gone. I’m sure I’ve skipped a few years somewhere along the line (she says, scratching her head).


It is with mixed feelings that I approach that final day, when the children will enjoy a special assembly to say goodbye to their ‘little’ life and look ahead to all things exciting and new.


I have attended these events in previous years and have never left without mascara running down my cheeks and a fistfull of soggy tissues. I am dreading it. I am sure there are plenty of us in the same boat, some of you may already have been through it - and lived to tell the tale. I take courage from your bravery, whoever you are.


In truth though, I am happy for Lucy because I know she is ready to go and is excited about her future, it’s just me and my sentimental soul that’s the problem. I can’t help but want to freeze time! The innocence of primary school, the familiar surroundings and sense of belonging. Oh listen to me! I’m sure she will find all these things at high school too.


The trouble is that when I had Lucy, I couldn’t see a world beyond primary school, beyond her still needing me. Now I have to face the fact that her life is slowly starting to become her own, her very own. It’s time for me to take a step back and let her my little songbird, fly!

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