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How can beautiful handmade children's furniture help with the homework?

Now that school is back in full flow and evening activities are too, our days are packed with car journeys, clubs and homework. As predicted in our house, study and commitments have escalated this year to such a degree that I am struggling to do my motherly duties and cram it all in!


However, my latest purchase for Martha has proved a winning idea. No, it isn’t a personal tutor, or a nanny or a maid (although I could do with all three). It is a simple bedside table.




I am amazed at what a difference this small, unassuming piece of children’s furniture has made to our lives.


After being reluctant to read in the evenings last year, Martha has developed a new-found enthusiasm which I’m sure is down to her bedside table... She likes to pile up her books within reaching distance of her pillow. How grown up does that make her feel? What? Ok, of course the sudden turnaround could also be because she’s a little bit older now where credit’s due eh?


She loves being all tucked up and ready to read with me by the light of her new bedside lamp. And in the mornings, instead of jumping out of bed and running across the hall to pester her parents, she has been known to reach across for her books to indulge in a little light reading before breakfast. Please don’t tell me this is a phase.




Now I’m not saying that beautiful, painted Little Lucy Willow furniture is the answer to all your academic problems, but it certainly worked a treat for me!

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