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How can beautiful handmade children's furniture help with the homework?

How can beautiful handmade children's furniture help with the homework? Now that school is back in full flow and evening activities are too, our days are packed with car journeys, clubs and homework. As predicted in our house, study and commitments have escalated this year to such a degree that I am struggling to do my motherly duties and cram it all in!   However, my latest purchase for Martha has proved a winning idea. No, it isn’t a personal tutor, or a nanny or a maid (although I could do with all three). It is a simple bedside table.       I am amazed at what a difference this small, unassuming piece of children’s furniture has made to o..

Did you know that our furniture is handmade to order by master craftsmen here in the UK?

Did you know that our furniture is handmade to order by master craftsmen here in the UK? Summer presents a great opportunity for us to revel in our many British traditions. To me, it means strawberries and cream, Wimbledon, The Proms and erm, cheese rolling amongst other interesting eccentricities.   We love and delight in them all. Homegrown and timeless, ever present and never ending. They existed when we were children and will continue when we're long gone. Rather like a Little Lucy Willow bed in fact...     Hand made to order in the UK, our children's beds are everything you would expect and probably much more. That's why our furniture bucks the trend. Some ..

What do you look for in a child’s bed?

What do you look for in a child’s bed? When choosing a bed for your child, I’m guessing you might have a tick list. Perhaps it includes things like comfort, style, size and longevity. Basically, you’re looking for a bed that your child will love climbing into each night and will stay there tucked up until morning (with any luck!). You’re looking for a bed that will last many years but will still look as good when your child is leaving home as the day you bought it… When finding furniture for our own daughter, we had the same few things in mind. In the end we decided to start our own children’s range which ticked all..

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it!

You’ve made your bed, now lie in it! So, you want to buy a bed? Let me guess, you’ve already looked at our collection and are still not convinced you’ve found ‘the one’ (a bed, that is). That gorgeous high sleeper is a little too wide and the Tilly Fleur a touch too long. Well rest your weary fingertips and treat yourself to a great big sigh of relief because you only have to let us know what size you would like it to be and we will do the rest. Here at Little Lucy Willow we are more than happy to customise your furniture so it suits you and your home. Whether you have a really small space that you can’t waste..

Fit for a Princess

Fit for a Princess       Here at Little Lucy Willow we appreciate anything timeless, durable, luxurious and British – much like our furniture of course…These qualities are central to many brands and products, not least the Burberry trench coat which sprung to mind this week as we talked fashion over coffee (and chocolate caramel cake). Now there aren’t many items of clothing that can claim longevity like this one can. That’s why we’re such fans. Much like our furniture, it’s a lifetime investment. Ok I’ll stop talking furniture now and start talking history… When Thomas Burberry designed t..

Ercol Windsor Chairs

Ercol Windsor Chairs       Here at Little Lucy Willow we love timeless design in all areas of the home. This week we have been talking chairs and debating the best of British. My personal favourites are the Ercol Windsor Chairs in all their guises. A friend recently purchased a gorgeous Ercol original rocking chair and restored it for her nursery. Any breastfeeding mum will know you need a half decent chair for such a lengthy task! These ageless designs, which made their first appearance in the 1950s, are still in production today with only slight modifications to speak of. Ercol furn..
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