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Children’s chairs for study and play…

Children’s chairs for study and play… Children’s bedroom furniture may often seem like an afterthought when redecorating the home. A simple enough task and one that won’t need much discussion. However, it’s worth considering that your child’s room is probably the most used room in the home. It’s a place where toys are stored and friends hang out, not to mention the small matter of sleep.  Making sure your child’s bedroom is well equipped with the right furniture to ensure comfort in work and play is in everybody’s interests! A sturdy bed and spacious wardrobe or chest of drawers cover sleep and storage. If you have enough sp..

Creating a timeless unisex bedroom

Creating a timeless unisex bedroom A child’s bedroom will never stay the same for too long. There’s always a new colour or pattern on the horizon to keep you on your decorator’s toes, not least if your child is hell bent on sticking to the next big thing… One way to avoid such frequent spending is to create something a little off the wall perhaps, that neither adheres to a girl’s or boy’s world but sits right in the middle of all trends. Not only will a unisex bedroom avoid the need for extreme and therefore dispensable themes and colours, it will mean choosing furniture and décor that transcends fashions and fads. If ..

The best children’s bedtime books

The best children’s bedtime books Bedtime can be fraught, not least if your child protests at the mere mention of pyjamas! However, throw a story into the mix and there’s a good chance your little one will be wide eyed and ready before you can say Dumbledore. Nightly bedtime reading, if only for a few minutes, is well worth the effort. Not only does it mean precious time together, it will also calm and settle your child preparing them for a good night’s sleep. So grab a book, get comfy and begin…       Short on time? If you don’t have much time to spare, it’s pointless embarking on the chapter of a book. ..

The importance of a bedtime routine

The importance of a bedtime routine After attempting to complete that never ending to-do list, most parents could happily fall asleep on a washing line each evening given half the chance.  If only our children felt the same way and simply couldn’t wait for their heads to hit the pillow. Oh how simple life would be! Unfortunately, such a scenario is akin to hen’s teeth so we are faced with the bedtime routine instead... Your child may moan about this part of their day but they would no doubt be lost without it, so try your best to persevere. Routine may seem boring and restrictive but in actual fact it’s your child’s anc..

Childhood friendships and social media…

Childhood friendships and social media… We’ve all been there at some time or another – feeling a little unloved or left out perhaps. Like the time when it was your 8 year-old friend’s birthday party and you didn’t get invited. You were told it was because she could only ask so many people and that’s all there was to it. You’ve never forgotten though and if truth be told, it still stings a little… Fast forward to your turn at being a parent. When your children are small you’re still in control of organising parties and so on. But when they start to cement who their friends really are, things can often get out of hand – not least i..

Bedwetting - a guide

Bedwetting - a guide Parenting is probably the hardest job you’re ever likely to face. What other form of employment requires a state of high alert 24/7, being in charge of human life and displaying the utmost patience at all times? It’s also a job renowned for its incredibly steep learning curve, not least when it comes to helping your child achieve dry nights. Generally speaking, a child aged two to four years-old is expected to sleep through the night without wetting the bed. However, at age four, 25% of children still wet the bed; at age five, 20%; at age six, 15%; at age ten, 8%; at age fourteen, 4%; and a..
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Step into spring with stunning children’s furniture

Step into spring with stunning children’s furniture We know that children’s furniture should last for more than just one season. In fact, it should last for many years if you choose your collection wisely. The trick is to find something that will stay looking fresh and ‘spring like’ whatever the weather outside! So if you are thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a makeover this season, here are some ideas to help you create something that will last long into summer, autumn, winter and many more springs to come…     Colour Colour is key to creating an inviting child’s bedroom where your little one feels happy to play, work ..
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Magical ideas for your child’s bedroom

Magical ideas for your child’s bedroom A little magic in a child’s bedroom goes a long, long way. From firing the imagination to inducing a long and restful slumber, it’s important to create a girl’s or boy’s bedroom that speaks directly to them. Whatever your little one loves about life be it the colour green, fairy wings or rocket ships perhaps, try and include a design element that is close to their heart. Colours are easy to incorporate into a room in the form of soft furnishings and décor. Pairing white with bold favourite shades or mixing pastels always works well. When it comes to more personal touches however, there a..
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Five reasons why your child should make their own bed every morning

Five reasons why your child should make their own bed every morning What could be more enticing than a beautifully made bed with squishy plumped up pillows at the end of a tiring day? Nothing springs to mind. The thought of your child climbing into a crumpled, unmade crib doesn’t really appeal and can mean a restless start to their slumber which won’t benefit anyone, least of all you! Granted, the world wouldn’t stop turning if we didn’t make our childrens’ beds each morning, but it would certainly seem a lot less organised.  Experts tell us that a made bed means less mess in a child’s mind as well as in their bedroom. In view of this, perhaps it’s ti..

Tips for designing a robust boy’s room

Tips for designing a robust boy’s room If you have a lively little boy who enjoys the sort of games that turn you into a human shield for all things breakable, do not despair. It’s a fact that many children have now moved away from energetic play and settled down with devices instead, leading to countless problems with health and education. So the longer you can encourage your child to be active during their downtime the better! With this in mind, don’t lose heart when the rough and tumble starts, embrace it instead. Join in the fun and find ways to make sure your child has a safe and robust place to play whilst leaving your hom..
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