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Same cars, different car park. It must be half term!

Whether your half term is just starting or almost wrapping up, we hope you’ve had - or are about to have - a fabulous fun-filled time. It goes without saying that children love this little reprieve from school, but for mums, (well, me to be precise) it’s often a different story.


It’s not that I don’t love my children and don’t want to spend time with them, of course I do! Honestly! It’s more that I’m a lover of routine, certainty and above all, caaaaaaaaaalm. Oh, and a tidy house too. However, unless I do a moonlight flit and leave this life of chaos behind me I don’t think that’s EVER going to come to fruition...


Why messy children’s bedrooms bother me so much is anyone’s guess. Perhaps it’s because our Little Lucy Willow showroom is so pristine and I can no longer distinguish between that and reality. Oh well, at least I get to stare at gorgeous children’s bedding on gorgeous children’s beds each day. Perhaps I should pop in more often during half term to get my tidiness ‘fix’!


Beautiful Birdcage Bedding


Other that I suppose I had better start planning for the week-long break. The trouble is, I DO love taking the children out for treats, to the cinema, the ice cream parlour and the trampoline park (if I’m feeling brave enough) but I’d just like to do it when the rest of the world’s children are in school if that’s ok? Here’s why:


  • I’d get to find a parking space at any given activity centre that isn’t borderline illegal and perfectly primed for clamping.

  • I would actually be able to sit next to my own children in the cinema instead of someone else's. Yaaay!

  • While we’re on the subject of cinemas, I would probably be able to hear the film and have a clue what’s going on so I could answer the inevitable questions later on. Phew.

  • I would not have to suffer the kicking of my seat for two hours. Deep breaths everyone. Big ones.

  • My children would be able to get on a swing in the park without having to queue for hours as I stand close by ‘politely’ making sure that nobody pushes in.

  • The trampoline park would be empty and ‘relatively’ safe, instead of being a regular hangout for the local paramedics.

  • There would be plenty of chocolate ice cream left in the tub by the time we reached the counter, saving me the task of persuadung the children to settle for a not-very-exciting lemon sorbet instead.


I’m getting twitchy just thinking about it.


A friend very kindly informed me that on the plus side, at least I won’t have to battle my way through the school run twice a day for a whole week.


Quite true.


However, I’ll still be battling for parking spaces. Same cars, just a different car park…


Oh woe is me!


Happy half term everyone!

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