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Step into spring with Little Lucy Willow.

Step into spring with Little Lucy Willow.   We are nearing the end of February and will soon be stepping into spring. What a lovely thought that is too. We have light evenings, warm weather and daffodils to look forward to. The thought of creeping ever so slowly towards summer is enough to raise a smile on anyone’s lips. That flicker of hope, that light at the end of the tunnel! There I go, wishing my life away again…   I know we’re not quite there yet but thanks to Little Lucy Willow we can still have flowers and butterflies. Daisy Brambles and Florence Flutterby will see to that, beckoning spring into bedtime..

Busy half term? Hang in there it’s almost over!

Busy half term? Hang in there it’s almost over! It’s been chaos in our house this week. As half term neatly collided with shrove Tuesday I thought I would invite a couple of my daughter’s friends round to play – and make pancakes…That was my first mistake. Thinking I could guesstimate the quantities of ingredients…that was my second. My third? Overindulging in the tasty treats until I resembled the wolf who ate the seven little kids. The main problem was that I was using the wrong pan. Yes, I am going to blame my tools. The mixture was sticking to the bottom like Barnacle Bill so while I tried and tried again with varying combinations of..

Who said romance was dead? Mummy Willow did. Almost…

Who said romance was dead? Mummy Willow did. Almost… So, for all you mums out there, married, bored and hoping to be swept off your feet this Valentine’s Day…Here’s an ode to you.   Valentine’s Day is a funny old time, We get flowers and cards with a cheap tacky rhyme. It should be romantic, it should be the best! But I just can’t get frisky when I see that string vest.   I decide that our love needs a kick up the bum So I think about what we could do for some fun, I write a long list, I re-do my hair, Then hope that his Lordship will notice, or care!   “Let’s go on a date! Let’s have a nice meal...

Revelling in the normality of life.

Revelling in the normality of life.   Can you believe we have completed one twelfth of the year already? Box ticked, done and dusted. It’s been a long month though eh? It’s amazing how time can drag on when you’re not drinking alcohol, eating chocolate, cakes or biscuits and squeezing yourself into compression pants for tedious sessions at the gym…good job I haven’t been doing any of that then he he. No, My January has been long, but quite alright thank you very much. Bumbling along nicely, revelling in the normality of life, that sort of thing. In fact, it’s at times like this when my general contentment peak..

How a personalised fleece blanket sparked my journey of regret!

How a personalised fleece blanket sparked my journey of regret! There are times in our lives when we start to question how we got to where we are today. Was it because we passed our geography exam at school? Was it because our mums and dads taught us how to use our cutlery correctly? Or was it because we decided, at the very last minute, to go out on that rainy Saturday night – despite our bad hair – and bump into our soul mate?   I suspect it’s all three and a lot more besides. I often get to thinking about these matters, especially in the midst of a bleak January morning when there’s nothing on the horizon but the same old same old...

Pedometers at the ready! Walk into 2015 with Little Lucy Willow.

Pedometers at the ready! Walk into 2015 with Little Lucy Willow. The grindstone is rolling again. Sigh. We have climbed aboard the good ship 2015, our keel is almost even and I am no longer feeling as bad. It’s nice to have the house looking a bit tidy again, although the sentimental fool in me doesn’t half get sad when the last bauble is removed from the tree and put away for another 12 months. I can almost hear the Muppets Christmas Carol in my head as I’m packing the decorations away, recalling the laughter we had as we got them out. Of course my selective memory conveniently excludes the arguments about who puts the fairy on top – plus my sweati..

Getting festive isn’t easy when you’re a neat freak…

Getting festive isn’t easy when you’re a neat freak…   Christmas is a hectic time in households across the land. We’re trying to get organised whilst hankering after festive fun. Not because we particularly want to, but because we feel it’s our duty. If we hear a choir singing in the supermarket (as we race past) or catch a made-for tv Christmas-movie (always the best ones!), we’ve ticked the all-important box of embracing the festivities! Phew. If you don’t manage at least one such experience it can be highly damaging to your Christmas spirit. As can being a neat freak at this time of year. I’d rather be the world’s worst hayfever s..

A halo or a tea-towel? mmmm let’s see…

A halo or a tea-towel? mmmm let’s see… It’s national Christmas jumper day today and the world is a brighter, happier place because of it. The children skipped into school in their festive sweaters, grinning from ear to ear. The playground was a awash with rosy cheeks and squeals of delight as they buzzed around with glee. Not only was everyone really excited to go to school, but this two year-old national fundraiser is also giving a much needed boost to Save the Children. I wasn’t much a fan of the Christmas jumper when they started to resurface in recent years, but anything that raises money for a great cause and I’m in. Oh an..

Best and worst presents? mmm let me think.

Best and worst presents? mmm let me think. The word ‘December’ is enough to send pulses racing in our house so it’s no surprise to learn that we currently have two children literally bouncing off the walls! The decorations have been plucked from the loft and the tree is just days away from being bought and plonked in our lounge. We have made the first obligatory trip to see Father Christmas which I noticed was met with some degree of suspicion by Martha. She’s been here before that one, make no mistake. All I could think was “just don’t grab the beard, please don’t!” The Christmas lists are being checked and double checked..

A break from the madness

A break from the madness I can’t quite believe that December is just days away. It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were revelling in the glory of an Indian summer, strutting around in t-shirts as though we lived on balmy Mediterranean shores. Now, as Christmas looms heavily, along with the weather, it feelslike a different sort of ‘chilling’ all together. Brrrr. Everybody’s footsteps are that little bit quicker. There’s too much to do and not enough time!   In our house we’re mid-way through decorating the children’s bedrooms and deciding which furniture to sample next so basically it’s chaos. A ..
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