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Ten ways your child will benefit from a good night’s sleep.

Ten ways your child will benefit from a good night’s sleep.   A comfortable bed means a good night’s sleep. We all want that for our children don’t we? Imagine being the one waking them up for a change, instead of having your eyelids pulled open at 5am and being ordered to “make the porridge”. Of course when they’re older it will be a different story entirely, with frying pans and sharp sticks at the ready to remove them from their slumber. But until that day, we must make it our mission to squeeze in as many hours shut-eye as is humanly possible – for us and for them! We know that a good bed, with a supportive mattress is a key contr..

Plenty of Prizes this Autumn

Plenty of Prizes this Autumn   So the inevitable has happened. The everlasting summer has finally bowed out leaving us fully immersed in the throes of Autumn. October is a beautiful and exciting month with lots in store to enjoy, not least half term, oh and Halloween too. “Whooooo” could forget that? In the mean time, we are very happy to welcome a selection of beautiful children’s jewellery by Estella Bartlett to the fold. It is now on sale in our gift shop at Heskin as well as online. And if you want to be in with a chance of owning your very own gorgeous necklace, keep your eyes peeled for our forthcomi..

Let it go? No chance!

Let it go? No chance!     As parents, we are all very different creatures. We live in different parts of the country for a start. We‘re all of different ages and ethnicities. We might not all like cheese and apple sandwiches. But there’s one thing I’m pretty certain we do all have in common, besides Little Lucy Willow of course and that's... Frozen.   The phenomenon that is Frozen has spanned almost a year now and sees no sign of stopping in our house. A sniff of a sequel has seen to that, plus me finally being able to purchase the much coveted Elsa dress and doll. Begging is not the word when ..

Well it’s finally all over…or has it only just begun?

Well it’s finally all over…or has it only just begun?   You will either be reflecting on a great summer, bemoaning the start of term, or raising your arms to the heavens in thanks that you will finally get through an episode of Neighbours without interruption. For me it’s all three. But if the end of summer means feeling like the rug has been well and truly pulled from beneath your feet, then you must simply get a new one. A rug that is. And to help you on your way we are offering 10% off rugs throughout September. See, you feel better already. Once you’ve powered through that last weekend of the holidays and the dreaded ‘Black..

It’s party time and heads shall roll!

It’s party time and heads shall roll!   I was recently drafted in by an acquaintance as wingman at her daughter’s 6th birthday party. Our mutual friend had been forced to back out and had volunteered me in her place. “Of course I’ll do it, it’ll be fun”. Looking back, I should have added, “for the kids”.   Now I’m not a spoilsport but when she casually revealed there would be 40 children plus Dazzle the clown, I almost choked on my cupcake.  I missed my short reneging window as I regained composure. So, past the point of no return, my stall had been set as a clown-loving, super organised party planner – one she simply..

Mummy, did you live in the past?

Mummy, did you live in the past?     My daughter asked me a killer question recently. “Mummy, did you live in the past?” My answer was “yes” because we all lived in the past, even five year-olds. Following that I had to verify that the question was “did” and not “do” because if it was the latter, then I would have two problems on my hands. 1. A deep thinking, highly sensitive daughter who has noticed my overly-nostalgic tendencies and is worried about my mental wellbeing. 2. I have noticeably over-nostalgic tendencies that cause even five year-olds to worry about my mental wellbeing. So when she fol..

It’s summer and the heat the hunt is on!

It’s summer and the heat the hunt is on!       So school is out, the sun is too (sometimes) and you’re wondering how to entertain the children while you get all those pesky jobs done? You’ve already been to the park four thousand times and you’ve ticked all the standard beach, zoo and museum boxes. So what’s left? Well I’ve got an idea. I know it involves some forward planning and a little imagination but how about a treasure hunt? If it’s nice and sunny you can arrange it in the garden, if not, use the house. If you really want to go to town, why not include both? You could even get your Little Lucy Willowpl..

Little Lucy Willow August Offer £30 WHSmith Voucher

Little Lucy Willow August Offer £30 WHSmith Voucher     It’s that time again. The turning point of the holidays that children generally hate and their parents generally love. Yes it’s time to start thinking about going back to school! To ease the pain for your little ones, we have £30 worth of WHSmith vouchers to give away with every order over £750 – for all those stationery essentials – plus 10% off our storage and bags. It’s a tough time for kids. I recall having a very personal dislike of clothing giant, C&A, as a youngster, being faced with their pretend blackboards scribbled with “bak to skool” and other such ‘crazy’..

Here comes the Bride…

Here comes the Bride…       I am feeling both rejuvenated and shattered if that’s at all possible. No, it’s not because we have been inundated with customers since announcing our July offer (£50 of John Lewis vouchers for every order received over £750. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer by the way!). No, my new lease of life stems from ditching the family for the weekend and scarpering off to Edinburgh. My exhaustion is down to two words. Hen night. Now considering the bride to be is a shy, quietly spoken, early-to-bed type, it wasn’t half racy. The minute I stepped int..

Calling all little Lords and Ladies of the Manor – and a peace-seeking mum…

Calling all little Lords and Ladies of the Manor – and a peace-seeking mum…       Those endless warm summer afternoons (and a few wet ones no doubt!) are treasured times for our little ones. With no concept of the hours ticking by all they have to worry about is where their next snack is coming from. Lucky them eh? The wild imaginations of children can fuel a whole day’s play. Hands up who made a “duvet den” when they were little, or threw a bed sheet over the clothes maiden as an impromptu place to hide? What about wedging a few planks of wood between some branches and declaring it a treehouse?   These days, the den world has moved somewhat..
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