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The real Lucy Willow’s journey so far…

When I started this company it needed a title. We had named our first born daughter, Lucy Charlotte Willow Thomas. So there it was.

Me and Lucy when she was 3 years old.

I thought you might like to know some more about that little girl and what has become of her during the past ten years.

Me and Lucy.

Well I can tell you that she has grown into a beautiful, funny, kind and caring young person who has many talents. She’s a runner, a musician and she writes lots of stories. But of all the things she likes to do, singing is what she loves best. When she sings, I know her little heart is soaring, as is mine when I hear her!

Lucy winning a gold medal for the inter schools cross country relay race.

Her biggest achievement to date came last year, when she auditioned for the title role of Matilda in the West End production. Out of thousands of children, she made it through to the last six! It wasn’t to be on that occasion but we couldn’t be more proud of her huge success.

Since then, Lucy has been concentrating on her singing lessons and was recently awarded a high distinction for her grade four exam.

Our lives are peppered with countless impromptu performances by Lucy for her family at home, which are always joyous, surprising and tear-inducing occasions!

Here is a snippet for you to enjoy…

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