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If you are hoping to read about beautiful children's furniture, don't read this.

This week I was invited to a wedding which got me thinking about my own nuptials all those years ago...I recall being madly in love. How amazing it would be as we faced the years together, hand in hand, cheek to cheek!


I was incapable of imagining life without my wonderful, funny, gorgeous, caring, romantic man.




Fast forward to the present day and mysteriously, I am finding it much easier to picture the same scenario...Hmmm. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my husband very much, but am more excited by spotless worktops and an empty washing basket these days. His week-long Little Lucy Willow business trips are more of a treat than a trial as I get cosy on the couch and watch all the rubbish he can’t seem to stomach!


Marriage is one of life’s greatest commitments and when we ‘take the plunge’ we’ve got to be certain.


So when I read that Gary Barlow had been up and down the country surprising brides at their wedding receptions I could only foresee disaster for all concerned. Channelling the serpent in the Garden of Eden, he sweeps in, sings a couple of songs then sweeps out again leaving emotional mayhem in his wake.



I mean, what a terrible idea to have the real man of your dreams show up just after you’ve tied the knot to someone else? Not just that but you are wearing a wedding dress (not my choice outfit for bumping into Gary Barlow) and are surrounded by all the people you have ever known in your life. Ever. Oh and you are under a really bright, unforgiving spotlight. A quick flirt is out of the question as you do your utmost not to stare at him too longingly in front of your new spouse (who by this point, poor fella, is no doubt feeling mightily cheesed off and ready to bundle Barlow into the nearest hedge).


All eyes are on you as you battle through his sweet serenade, trying not to think too hard about whether you have made a mistake by getting married when in fact, you could have hung out for Gary B. I mean, there is a connection there, isn't there…?


So if Barlow unexpectedly turns up on your wedding day, make sure he is shooed away before you even get to clap eyes on him. If not, you might be looking at empty washing baskets and spotless worktops much sooner than you desired.


Oh and just for the record, I might love a clean, tidy, peaceful house (and Gary Barlow) but I do love my husband more. Just...


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