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When children make memories.

Whenever my children say something cute, interesting or funny, I fool myself into believing I will always remember it. But the trouble is, as parents, our lives are littered with so many of these memorable moments that we soon lose track. I considered writing them all down in a special notebook at one time but never quite got round to it. Oh how I wish I had now! Anyway, there are a few things that for some reason are stuck in my brain, never to depart, so I thought I would share them with you.




1 “Mummy, you are inviserable.” Yes, you read that right. in-vis-er-able. Playing a game of hide and seek one day I held my hands over my eyes, prompting this interesting observation.

Both miserable and invisible rolled into one. Couldn’t have put it better myself. I was obviously having a bad day...


2 “Why don’t they make boats upside down because they never sink that way?” Now this is a very reasonable question posed in the bath as Martha’s toy rowing boat continually capsized. An engineer in the making perhaps? I knew I’d seen her studying our Little Buoy Blue Collection in the showroom that day...



3 “I’ve hurt my leg wrist!” That’s ankle to you and me.


4 “I’ve banged my chimney.” More anatomy mix-ups and it’s chin, in case you were wondering.


5 question: How old do you think I am?

  answer: one hundred and fifty-twelve.

  translation: very old.


6 “I can see the line in that lady’s wobbles.” referring to a conspicuous show of cleavage on Strictly Come Dancing. And they claim it’s family viewing…

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